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JizzHut is rated 2.4 out of 5 stars that was voted by 144 users. website was viewed 152447 times since it was added to poguide list.

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  • Rating: 2.4/5
  • Votes: 144
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Expert's Review

It doesn’t take much to start cruising through your favorite content on Jizzhut. The thumbnails on the homepage are huge. Hover your mouse over them and you will be given a few different stills from the clip which will give you a great idea of its contents. All you need to do is click through to the video to get started.

The video page has one of the largest player screens on any porn site out there. The content loads quickly and the player is very easy to use. The controls are simplified to a scrolling video timeline, which you can manipulate, a volume button and a full screen option. The full screen option will have your video playing full screen in startling detail. Plus, there are no annoying advertisements to sit through to achieve full screen status.

Each video uploaded to Jizzhut is categorized with tag words. You’ll see a bunch of the tag words sitting right underneath the player. You can click one of the words, and you will be taken to a whole different menu that features video only related to that category. But, it is recommended to go below the tag lines and see the related videos.

Jizzhut offers large thumbnails. It is one of the best features about the site. You will get a real feel for the next video that you click on before you watch it. This will take you to another page where the taglines and the related videos will refresh. You can watch your favorite parts of the content you chose and move onto a fresh related video that you will know that you like. You can spend hours clicking through to related videos and soaking up all the adult entertainment that you enjoy.

You also have the option of clicking on the adult stars name underneath the player. You will be taken to a menu of clips that feature that star. Again, the thumbnails are huge, so you are sure to click on the clip that suits your fancy. Once you click on that new video, featuring your favorite porn star, the process starts all over again. You can keep linking to related videos and taglines until you are exhausted. The extensive database of clips will keep you going for days.

If you really want to get finite with your search you can do so with the search bar in the upper right hand corner. You can search the taglines of the entire site and, even if you have a niche taste, it will return all sorts of videos you are sure to love. Advertisements are good looking, and they do not interfere with the experience. Overall, this is a great site to find all your adult entertainment.


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    Great review!

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    Why jizzhut keeps blocking me?

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    @inte_maq Server could be down on

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